Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Concentrator

Molecular sieves act as adsorbents and desiccants. The sieves have small pores to absorb the moisture. The pore size of the sieve is meant to be bigger than the particle size so that the sieves can absorb the moisture particles. The molecular sieves are majorly used as a drying agent for liquids and gases.
Additionally, the sieves bind nitrogen, separating it from oxygen in the air and has made it the ideal adsorbent for portable oxygen concentrators. Most oxygen concentrators use either the pressure swing adsorption or the vacuum pressure swing adsorption. PSA and VPSA are used to separate high-purity medical grade oxygen from ambient air. The same is achieved by passing airflow over a molecular sieve cartridge within the concentrator.

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The high affinity and reversible binding of nitrogen to molecular sieves also enable the creation of long-lasting, self-cleaning oxygen generators. While the oxygen concentrator is processing, it uses one molecular sieve cartridge to concentrate oxygen. Some of the purified oxygen is then fed into a secondary molecular sieve cartridge to clean out any bound nitrogen molecules.
All this is done in anticipation of a decreased binding efficiency in the primary cartridge over time. Therefore, when the first molecular sieve cartridge is saturated, the oxygen generator feeds the air through the second cartridge to concentrate the oxygen. Also, back feeding the first cartridge to the bound from the molecular sieve matrix.

Molecular Sieve Powder

The molecular sieve powder, or zeolite powder, is an important inorganic cation exchanger used in industrial applications for water treatment, catalysis, nuclear waste, etc. The powder has a foamless shape that can be used as an additive in paints and polymers. Its main work is to remove moisture and air bubbles from the paints and polymers. The powder is mixed with active ingredients, which help reduce moisture in the air to reduce moisture.
The powder is the principal alternative to other powder desiccants. These are used in many Applications like Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Resin , Epoxy Flooring , Polyurethane and Hardeners.
The powder is a dehydrated synthetic powder that has excellent moisture adsorption capacity. It mainly works like a moisture scavenger to remove water and other contaminant contained in one K or Two K Systems. It is even used in additives to improve product quality and extent its shelf life. It is used to prevent the formation of CO2 by removing the moisture from the polyurethane systems. Similarly, the 3A zeolite powder is an alkali metal aluminosilicate. It is the potassium form of the type A crystal structure, which can adsorb molecules with a critical diameter of fewer than 3 angstroms (0.3 nm).

  • Epoxy Paints Resin
  • 2K- Polyurethane Coatings And Mouldings
  • Highly Effective Product For Azeotropic & Ketal Reactions
  • 1K- Polyurethane Storage Protection
  • Storage Protection For Metallic Pigment / Zinc Rich paints
  • Polysulfide And Silicone Systems
  • Epoxy Flooring / Polyurethane coatings
  • Adhesive and Hardner Manufacturing Process
Product Name Molecular Sieve Powder
Grade 3A 4A
LOD(350ºC),Moisture % 0.44 1.85
Bulk Density 0.545 gm/ml 0.623 gm/ml
PH(of 10% Solution) 11.7 11.8
Partical Size (ᶙm) 2-10 0.04%
Static H₂O Adsorption Capacity at 60% R.H 21.60 % 21.78 %
∆T(20 g adsorbent to 20 ml H₂O) 40ºC 34ºC

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