Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve is a material of crystalline metal aluminosilicates that having an interconnecting network of zeolite and alumina tetrahedral. Molecular sieve is used as a desiccant and adsorbents. It is very small pores while allowing small pores to pass; it is efficient to block large molecules. That becomes powerful adsorbents with having the strong adsorption capacity with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other molecules less than its pore size. All molecular sieves are available in beaded, pelleted and powdered form. The molecules comprise three-dimensional porous materials: microporous(including zeolite, clay and activated carbon), macroporous (including silica gel and zeolite) and mesoporous(including silicon dioxide).

We provide Molecular sieve XH-7 and Molecular sieve XH – 9 according to the user’s application.

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This non-hazardous synthetic product is the first choice for several complex applications due to its ability to control the consistency of pore size during the manufacturing process. Different types of Molecular sieve desiccant are used based on the industrial needs, adsorption capacity, and particular application. These are 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X molecular sieve. They are available in beads, pellets and powder forms which are used for adsorption and removal of moisture for various industrial products. These types of molecular sieves are used depending on the adsorbent requirements of different industries.

Uses Include :
  • Refining air
  • 3A molecular sieve is used for drying several hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon gases and liquids such as cracked gas, acetylene and propylene. It can also be used for dehydrating alcohol and solvents.
  • 4A molecular sieve is used for dehydrating and purifying various hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases and liquids such as argon gas, refrigerants, medicines, electronic components, etc.
  • 5A molecular sieve is used for separating the chain of hydrocarbons, for drying natural gas and for producing high levels of pure hydrogen. It is used commercially for drying and refining the air, petroleum, and gas in different industries. Type 5a beads and pellets are also used for adsorbing the oxygen and for separating nitrogen from the air for petrochemical industries.
  • 13X molecular sieves are used for dehydrating the natural gas, LPG and various petrochemical liquids and gases. The degree of water removal depends on the temperature and humidity of the gas.

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