13x Molecular Sieve Zeolite

Molecular sieve 13x

13x zeolite

The adsorbents, molecular sieve are pelleted material made from zeolite, activated carbon, and clay desiccants. Using this interconnecting network molecular sieve is completed. The small molecules are efficient to pass thought the pores are absorbed and when activated they become powerful adsorbents in a wide range of operating conditions with a strong absorption ability with water, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other polar molecules. 13X molecular sieves are used as a desiccant of adsorbents for industrial processes which require the adsorption and removal of moisture elements during processing & packaging.

Molecular sieve 13X can be available in the form of pellets and molecular sieve beads form. Desiccant pellets are used for various industrial gas & liquid drying applications, drying and purification of inert gas, ammonia removal in the inert gases, air & gas drying, drying and removal of CO2 from the air before the air liquefaction units.

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  • Pet Drying
  • Pet Preform Drying
  • Pre Purification Unit before Cryogenic plant
  • Removal of Mercaptan from LPG Gas
  • Carbon dioxide enrichment in Beverages
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Refiners
  • Industrial Gas Industry

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