Molecular Sieve 3A

Molecular Sieve Zeolite 3A

3A Molecular Sieves Zeolite in Beads, Pellets and Powder Form

Most of the industries require 100% water-free Ethanol. The finally manufactured alcohol is a rectified spirit with almost 94.6% alcohol and the remaining percentage is water. It is very difficult to remove the amount of water in alcohol using any straightforward and simple distillation process.

Therefore, a special 3 angstrom molecular sieves dehydration process needs to be carried out using latest technology to manufacture the absolute alcohol.

In the case of ethanol, water is extracted by making it dehydrated with the help of adsorbent structure of molecular sieve 3A. The potassium-based molecular sieve pore size of 3a is 3A0 or 3 Angstrom, it cannot adsorb all molecules which having the pore size is large then 3A.

3A molecular sieve can be available in beads, pellets and powder form.

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  • It is simple and easy to automate the process, thus reduces labor and training costs.
  • This dehydration process is easy to handle as not a single type of chemical is used in it. The workers can easily keep them away from any kind of endangered as it does not hold any material handling or liability issues.
  • In addition to ethanol, a well-designed and manufactured sieve is not only used to dehydrate the ethanol hydrated vapors but is highly useful for dehydrating other types of chemicals too. Thus, gives a facility to use this system in future operations as well.
  • Molecular sieve 3A has an extensive possible service life except for failure due to mechanical destruction. A properly designed system can work for ethanol dehydration process for more than 5 years.
  • It can be worked as an individual system or can be incorporated with the distillation system. This helps customers to get the benefits of maximum functional flexibility and energy efficiency.
  • An accurately designed molecular sieve can be easily dehydrated 160-proof to 190+ proof of ethanol consistently.
  • Ethanol Drying
  • Insulating glass units
  • Dehydration of gases, oils, and liquids
  • Cracked gas and olefin drying
  • Drying of Ethane-Ethylene
  • Drying organic liquids (kerosene, hexane, benzene, cyclohexane, propylene, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, etc.)
  • Drying and purification of inert gas

The powder desiccants have the power to effectively adsorb the molecules on the basis of their size and polarity. They are used for removing moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It also works as a carrier to discharge the catalysts into certain systems. Unlike other hazardous acid catalysts, zeolites are regenerable, non-hazardous and non-corrosive as well. These properties make it a valuable desiccant for various applications. 3A and 4A molecular sieve powder can be used for EPOXY paints resins, metallic pigments/ZINC paints, etc.

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