Why use Sorbead India Molecular Sieves?

Why use Sorbead India Molecular Sieves?

A sieve is an object that filters coarser from any fine particles, and it generally has a mesh structure. Similarly, the molecular sieve is a porous substance that will help filter out components of lesser molecular weight from liquids, gases, and semi-solids. The pores act as traps for these smaller components as the liquid or gas is allowed to pass over the molecular sieve. These molecular sieve pores are fixed diameters and are based on the diameter. This material is classified into microporous, mesoporous, and macroporous material.

Molecular sieves have uniform size and uniform pore diameter. They are available in pelleted, beaded and powdered forms. These materials are mainly used in various industries to adsorb water, hydrogen, oxygen, and many other polar molecules. In most scenarios, it acts as a drying agent by removing the water molecules from the material. Thus, they are referred to as desiccants.

The pores trap the polar molecules due to a surface process known as adsorption. Sieves are known as adsorbents, and the trapped molecules are referred to as adsorbates.


Molecular sieve generation and regeneration

The powder desiccants are activated forms of zeolites, silica gel, or silicon dioxide made to meet the application's requirements. The activation process leaves the pores on the material surface with a high affinity toward certain molecules. Such targeted molecules will be trapped in these pores and accumulate there. After some time, a maximum of adsorbates is trapped by the pores; the sieve becomes saturated.

Here comes the biggest attractive feature of molecular sieves. As they are saturated and cannot absorb any more molecules, these can be regenerated and reused. The molecular sieve regeneration process is quite simple and less dangerous. To regenerate the sieve, pass over the same gas or liquid at a pre-calculated pressure and temperature. The adsorbed molecules will leave the pores, and the primary activated state of the sieves is restored. The molecular sieve regeneration requires no additional system or cost involved.

Major applications:

Removal of water molecules from liquids and gases

SF6 gas purifying

Improve the efficiency of PU sealants

Purification of petroleum products

Molecular sieve for oxygen concentrator

Instrumental air drying

Drying air and gas

Removal of H2S and CO2 from methane

Dehydration of ethanol

Mercaptan removal from LPG

There are many more specific applications across industries.

Why rely on molecular sieves from Sorbead India?

Sorbead India was established to provide an uninterrupted supply of quality desiccants. With a specialized team to research a diverse spectrum of desiccants and adsorbents, we pioneered the protection of products from various industries against the harmful effects of moisture and other polar molecules. Easy access to a wide variety of molecular sieves from us has eased our customers’ needs to complex moisture issues.

We have a vast collection of molecular sieves for all applications. Majorly, molecular sieve type A and type X are available with us. Type A includes molecular sieves of diameters 3A, 4A, and 5A. Most of these are available in pellets, beaded, and powdered forms. Molecular sieve type X includes sieves of 10A pore diameter, known as molecular sieve 13X

As to why choose us for all your desiccant requirements:

Quality: We promise to deliver high-quality products, and we have always kept our promise.

Quantity: We understand the customers’ needs and provide any quantity of molecular sieve powder as per their requirements. Molecular sieves are available at our stores within a wide range, from small trial packets to large bulk orders.

Online services: You can purchase at the comfort of your premises. Our services are available online starting from enquiry support, clarifications, placing orders, customer services, etc.

Fast and easy delivery: We promise you hassle-free order placement and delivery. Also, we make sure the product is delivered to you at the earliest.

Unique products: Our vigilant research team has extensive industry expertise, which helps us design unique products of high quality. We stick to our prototypes while satisfying your demands.

One-stop solution: We provide you with a solution for all your desiccant requirements. Talk to our customer support team or visit us online for easy purchasing.

To provide our customers with top quality products, we strive to research, design, fabricate, and test our products continuously. As pioneers in the market, we value our customer’s satisfaction and trust in our products and constantly improve with the right feedback. Sorbead India is your brand choice for all your desiccant requirements.