Importance of 3A Molecular Sieve for Ethanol Dehydration

Importance of 3A Molecular Sieve for Ethanol Dehydration

Introduction and Definition

Desiccants of all types are used worldwide in different industries like pharmaceutical and food packaging for the purpose of keeping products safe and fresh. Desiccants in different forms are used by individuals to keep items such as medicines (gel, creams or capsules) and packaged foodstuff fresh for a long period of time. Moisture and humidity can really damage the package contents and therefore it becomes quite essential to use desiccants like molecular sieve 3A for keeping the packaging unit dry.


Molecular sieve 3A has a basic pore size of 3 angstroms. Any molecular which is bigger than 3A won’t be absorbed by the desiccant. One of the major reasons why this molecular sieve is used worldwide is that it is really helpful in making the ethanol dehydration process simpler. The benefits of Molecular Sieve 3A for Ethanol Dehydration include high contamination resistance, high adsorption speed, improving cyclic time and stronger crushing strength which offers an extended shelf life to the product. These types of desiccants can easily help in removing water content from gaseous and liquefied materials.

Key Applications:

As a popular form of desiccant, molecular sieve 3A can prove to be helpful in making the following applications simpler.

• Refrigerant Drying
• Moisture removal in paint or PU plastic
• Natural Gas Drying
• Drying Cracked Gas
• Static drying of glass units, whether gas filled or air-filled
• Dehydration of methanol and ethanol
• Dehydration of ethylene, propylene, and butadiene


One of the key benefits of using 3A molecular sieves is that they can be easily reused and regenerated. For regenerating the sieves, you just have to get rid of the adsorbed moisture present inside the unit. You need to keep 3A molecular sieve inside a tight container until it’s ready for use to avoid any kind of unintended humidity adsorption. Ethanol can be easily dried up to the isotropic point that includes 95.6% purity. The ethanol molecular sieve precisely adsorbs the moisture content from the given solution so as to make the mixture pure.                                                

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