Molecular Sieve for Aerosol Industries

Molecular Sieve for Aerosol Industries

Molecular Sieve is a desiccant that has very small holes of precise & uniform size. These holes are small enough to block large molecules while allowing small molecules to pass.

Molecular Sieve is available in 3A, 4A, 5A and 13x having named according to their pore diameter. The Molecular Sieve suited for adsorption of Mercapton Removal from LPG is 13x having a pore diameter of 10A. It is available in Beads and Pellets shape which is used in Aerosol Industries.

Because of its characteristic, 13x Molecular Sieves is widely preferred for removing Mercapton from LPG Gas. Being Global Manufacturer of desiccants for past 20 years we manufacture special grades for Mercapton removal which is having High Crushing Strength so that it can withstand its inlet pressure. We are proud to have a long client list catering to Aerosol Industries for removing Mercapton from LPG. Molecular Sieve used for this purpose cannot be regenerated once used as it has been in contact with immense pressure.

In Aerosol Industries removal of Mercapton becomes necessary to avoid bad smell as deodorants and perfumes should have nice fragrance so to avoid this LPG Gas is passed through a bed containing several columns filled with Molecular Sieve which would adsorb Mercapton from LPG thereby useful in manufacturing Aerosol Products.

Being a Global Supplier for Molecular Sieve we would urge our clients to focus on the quality of the product so that you can get accurate results.