How Sorbead India is Contributing in the Oxygen Production during Covid-19 Pandemic?

How Sorbead India is Contributing in the Oxygen Production during Covid-19 Pandemic?

These times seem unfortunate and difficult amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an imperative need for Oxygen to fight against this predicament. No one ever imagined such a situation where health industries would encounter such a massive scarcity of Oxygen.

To provide for the needs of health industries, our team at Sorbead India has united and prepared to contribute to this noble cause and supplies these products 24x7. We have constantly been in touch with the various manufacturing units and government bodies for their urgent Zeolite Medical Oxygen Grade requirement. Our technical experts are actively sharing their expertise on how our products can be used in oxygen concentrators.

Sorbead India is a prominent supplier to pharmaceutical industries and engineering industries since 1996. In addition, Sorbead India's molecular sieve (Zeolite) is being provided to many Oxygen generation plants and government bodies.

So, what is the role of Zeolite in oxygen generation? Zeolite is an element used to assimilate the Nitrogen present in the air to provide oxygen-rich air for the patients and industries. The oxygen concentrator's molecular sieve is used for the absorption of all the gases. The principle of Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption is used here where the Nitrogen in the atmosphere gets intercepted by the Zeolite Oxygen Concentrator present in the molecular sieve. Such a type of oxygen generator is typically used in healthcare applications. A molecular sieve for an oxygen concentrator is used to absorb all the gases and group them by the molecules. An air compressor is provided in the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator and two different cylinders that have Zeolite employed on the oxygen concentrator.

Furthermore, there is a container for balancing the pressure. It is important to know how to use an oxygen concentrator if one wants it to work accurately. Zeolite helps in separating the Nitrogen component from the air present in the oxygen concentrator, which later remains only the pure Oxygen for breathing in the portable tanks. It is majorly used for people who need medical Oxygen because of their low oxygen level in the body. Besides the medical industries, oxygen concentrators are used in industrial sectors, too. People buy Zeolite for oxygen concentrators so that they can use it in oxygen generation plants. The product especially has its use in the medical industry for patients. As there are different oxygen supplies available in the health facilities, the patients often have to suffer the problems due to the shortage of resources, poor electricity, and other challenges.

On the other hand, the medical oxygen concentrator presents a very economical and sustainable source of medical-grade Oxygen to the patients who need it. With the help of an oxygen concentrator, the patients can easily have access to medical Oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is a portable oxygen machine that will draw air and then pass that air into the molecular sieve desiccant and adsorb Nitrogen from the air and give fresh, pure Oxygen of purity up to 95%. Therefore, it is necessary for people to realize the significance of having Oxygen in medical centers. Furthermore, there is a need for safe administration of Oxygen, and this is where the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator helps us out.

Why Zeolite Oxygen Concentrator? There are many reasons for 'why,' and they are as follows. First, it has a shelf-life of up to two years. Thus, it can be used for a good period of time and can also be stored for later use. Second, it can produce Nitrogen up to 5 LPM, 10 LPM, 15 LPM (Litre Per Minute) in a go. Using it is not quite a task as it works on a simple, rapid PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle that helps absorb Nitrogen from the molecular sieve. The molecular sieve for oxygen generation gets effective after the usage of the Zeolite oxygen concentrator. It gives pure Oxygen after the PSA. It is found to be an effective approach to generate Oxygen even in hospitals. Finally, it has a variant of the portable oxygen concentrator, which makes it more reliable and effective. Zeolite is a booster in oxygen generation and does give help to the molecular sieve for oxygen generation to be precise about the product.

Sorbead India has technical expertise in Adsorbent since 1996, tries to go beyond, and continues to serve. Providing what is needed now is quite a mission, and Sorbead India is ready with the products that can help regain health and save lives in the outburst of the worst of the pandemic.