Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Purification

Molecular sieves are widely used as a desiccant agent to absorb the water, moisture, and humidity from liquids, oils, and gases. They are also used as catalysts to remove the nitrogen from oxygen to obtain pure oxygen. Such type of refinement task for oxygen purification is performed using the advanced PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. 13X molecular sieve in the form of beads and pellets provides a great way in purifying the oxygen with the help of PSA oxygen generation process. Such type of product to get high level of pure oxygen to enhance the performance of healthcare operations is known as an oxygen generator.


This adsorption process to generate pure oxygen is more competitive and cost-effective as compared to other cryogenic processes that produce small amount of oxygen. In this process, molecules of components like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water are adsorbed effectively bypassing an ambient air through a column of molecular sieves and let oxygen and other molecules to pass through. It ensures to produce oxygen with a purity level reached 94% – 95%. Molecular sieve 13X provides the best adsorption solution to the healthcare industry in supplying clean and unpolluted oxygen to the patients.

An air compressor is used to condense the ambient air. This air is dried and filtered with the help of air dryer before entering into the PSA process vessels. After this, the main adsorption process of producing oxygen starts. This process removes impurities and other unwanted gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. The ambient air is passed through a vessel containing molecular sieve in the sodium form with type X crystal structure. Such type of desiccants absorbs the unwanted gases and passes most of the oxygen. This process continues until molecular sieves are fully exhausted with the high percentage of pure oxygen. The main purpose of PSA is to produce maximum pure oxygen that can be used by people for better breathing.